Monday, January 6, 2014

My "news" for 2014...

Happy New Year!!!!

The new year is upon us with new hopes and new dreams! I for one have stopped making resolutions a few years ago, but I did stick to one comment I made a few years back: I'm going to learn something new this year and try something new this year. I've been able to keep up with that statement and every year since then I have tried something new (whether it be food or travel somewhere I've never been) or learn something new (new crafting technique, reading an interesting book).
This year is no different. Although I must confess, I really started "my news" at the very, very  end of 2013. But it is still new for 2014, so that's that! ;)

This first thing I  have done was download a new app called Duolingo. This app allows you to learn a new language at your own pace...for FREE!!!! It was named one of the top apps of 2013 and a coworker mentioned it to me. I downloaded the app and opted to learn Portuguese. Because I have some knowledge of Spanish, learning Portuguese hasn't been too tough...yet! I'm still learning vocabulary and will soon break into the possessives section. I'm very happy to be learning a new language. And hopefully that will my propel my dream to travel to Brazil one day (still getting over the fear of flying, but I'm working on that!!).

The second thing I have done is begin a Project Life album. For all the scrappers and paper crafters out there, I'm sure you are all familiar with the term. For those of you who are not, Project Life is just documenting your life (good, bad, indifferent) in photos. What's cool about PL is that you buy the album, page protectors, and a kit (or two, lol) and you basically create a scrapbook of your life with the kit. People love the idea of PL because it is so simple! You don't have to over think layouts, you don't have to worry about if you don't have a lot of huge events going on in your life...your album is yours...about your life...whatever it may be!!! Your album can be set up to include things that happen on a weekly basis or you can do a monthly recap. It's totally up to you!!! Also, your album can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be!

Here is a photo of my title page...another confession...I have been gathering photos since October 2013, but I didn't officially start until a couple days ago, lol! 

The cards come from the Cut and Paste mini kit. I colored the two digital images (found free on the web) using my Copic markers. The sentiments come from two different stamp sets from CTMH.

I'm very excited to document my life and to share happy memories (and some ordinary moments) with my husband and my friends! Here's is to a great year full of good times, good food, good laughs, and lots of love!!!