Friday, September 23, 2011

Latest cards =)

Well, I have been busy these past few days! I have several orders for cards to keep me busy for the next month, LOL! But I  have to say, I absolutely am honored and blessed to have come in contact with people who enjoy and support my craft. Thank you so much to those of you who have ordered sets of cards from me!!!!! I truly appreciate it! ♥

In the meantime, here are two cards that I created using the Create a Critter cart. :)

This first card was a request for a birthday card. I actually made two of these, but the other one is for a friend's, daughter's birthday, so I can't post that one yet, LOL!

This one I made to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox or rather the first day of Autumn. I think this card is so adorable!! Even my hubby really likes it. Of course he likes everything I make, but this card and another that I had made previously really made him "stick out his chest" so to speak.

This weekend I have to make an autumn banner for my classroom and start working on two of three orders. I am so blessed!!!! Thank you God for all my blessings!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Away for a little bit...

Well, September is here and I returned to work last week. My summer vacation is over... :(

Although summer is drawing to a close, I definitely had some fun! I spent some time bonding with my adorable six year old nephew, I had a visit to Philadelphia, and of course I got my cricut!

My posts will be limited because of work, but I will be posting nonetheless. I did manage to work on a few projects because I acquired a couple cartridges within the last two weeks: Forever Young, Mini Monsters, and Flower Shoppe. I haven't used the Flower Shoppe cart yet, but I have worked on a couple projects using the Mini Monsters and Forever Young cart. I REALLY like the two that I have been using lately. Here are some pics of what I have been working on...

I used these cartridges along with the Wild Card cartridge. I love the simplicity of the cards. My favorite card to date however is my Pumpkin Patch card. I really love the way it looks!

For this card I used the Plantin Schoolbook and Simply Charmed carts. I am so very proud of this card, yet I can't explain why. It's just something about it that makes me happy!
Anyway, time for me to create a quick sample card before I get myself ready for work tomorrow.

Take care and Happy Crafting! ♥