Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Homespun Affair - August Edition - First VIDEO tutorial!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! It's that time again ----- the next edition of A Homespun Affair. This edition is awesome! There are tons of great projects, tips, and giveaways! I am very excited about this edition of our magazine     --- this month I have included my very first VIDEO tutorial! That's right! I am now going to be doing video tutorials on a regular basis. Here is the link below! This month the project is a tutorial on how to create an exploding box! 

Exploding boxes come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes. 

The one in this tutorial is geared toward beginner crafters. HOWEVER, more experienced crafters would enjoy creating one as well! If you decide to create an exploding box, I would love to see it! Please link back to my blog showing off your beautiful box!

Thanks for looking!!!! 



  1. Congrats on your first Tutorial, well done

  2. Hi Tiffany ... Ellen CardMonkey here. First, I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for sponsoring last month's Challenge over at A Homespun Affair. I am the lucky winner of that, with my red/white and blue Independence Day card. I sent my mailing information to Jessica and she said she'd forward it to you, so I won't blather on, except to say THANK YOU!!

    I've made Explosion Boxes before and put an arrangement of paper flowers inside of them for my Mom, although the box I used did have the cut out corners. I like your method better, as I didn't like that my box wasn't quite as sturdy as one would be with those firmer edges. So I'll give your tips a whirl. THANK YOU for the brilliant instructions. The video helped immensely as I am a much more visually-oriented person and I wasn't getting the notion of not cutting away the corner until you showed it.

    The one thing that I noticed is that you said you would have 12 squares and that you were cutting in quarters. Really, you are cutting in thirds, and you have NINE squares. That was the only confusing part -- I know, I know -- math!! LOL

    I see on your profile that you live in an urban area of NJ...may I ask where? I live in suburban Philadelphia, north of the city, so am pretty close to most of the northerly urban areas in NJ. I'd love to get together with you sometime and crop! This weekend, I am heading into North Jersey (Lyndhurst) for a Copic certification class. I often get together with some gals in NJ (Manalapan) for cropping .. maybe you'd like to join our crazy group?!

    Thank you again!

    LOVE YOUR BLOG...I'm a follower!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey


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